Our Experience

For over 50 years Eberline Services has been providing radiological and environmental services to public and private sector clients, the company’s health physics and radiological control support for characterization and remediation dates back to 1967

Port Hope, Canada

Port hope

Since 2009, Eberline Services has been providing health physics expertise to the Port Hope Low-Level Waste Management Project in Ontario, Canada. Eberline Services has performed expert review of radiological aspects of project documents including characterization plans, processes for determining contamination levels, remedial action plans, procedures for performing remedial actions, radiation protection plans. The Port Hope Project involves the cleanup of approximately 1.2 million cubic meters of historic low-level radioactive waste from various sites in Port Hope

Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico

Under a multi year Task Order contract at Los Alamos National Laboratory , Eberline Services provided comprehensive environmental and radiological support services to prime contractors and the Department of Energy. The project scope included, site characterization, radiological monitoring, deep well installation for ground water sampling and site surveying.

Hanford Site, Washington

Eberline Services supported the U.S. Department of Energy’s prime contractor, Washington Closure Hanford on DOE’s largest environmental cleanup, the $2.3 billion River Corridor Closure Project in Richland, Washington. Eberline Services provided radiological control, industrial hygiene, and health and safety support for the project, which involved cleaning up 555 waste sites, demolishing 329 buildings, placing two plutonium production reactors and one nuclear facility in interim safe storage, and operating the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility. The company had as many as 200 staff on this project, including up to 140 RCTs.

Selective Representative Projects

Los Alamos National Laboratory – Los Alamos, NM

Provide and operate a field laboratory for MDA-B remediation project at which provide gamma spectroscopy measurements of waste samples for excavation guidance and waste characterization, as well as MAR limit compliance

USA Environment – Houston, TX

Provided in situ gamma spectroscopy services for waste characterization at Federated Metals Corporation Superfund Site

Los Alamos National Laboratory – Los Alamos, NM

Provided gamma spectroscopy training and gamma spectral analysis software

Los Alamos National Laboratory – Los Alamos, NM

Provided radiological characterization services for low-level/TRU waste segregation from 1994 -2003

Fluor Hanford, Inc. – Richland, WA

Provided radiological characterization services in support of 233-S Process Building decommissioning

Kaiser-Hill Company, LLC – Golden, CO

Provided radiological characterization services in support of decommissioning projects from 1999 to site closure

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute – Albuquerque, NM

Provided services for characterization of waste in situ and in drums for shipment and disposal

BWXT of Ohio – Miamisburg, OH

Provided radiological characterization and low-level/TRU segregation of more than 300 miscellaneous and irregularly shaped items

Battelle Memorial Institute – Columbus, OH

Provided radiological characterization of 68 waste drums and boxes, including B-25 boxes, 55- and 30-gallon drums, and very large specialty boxes; data used to make low-level/TRU determinations for some of the waste items

ICF Kaiser – Colonie, NY

Performed NDA of 1,600 yd3 of uranium-contaminated wood chips in 96-ft3 waste boxes to determine whether the material met the criteria for free release, release on site, or offsite disposal

AWE Aldermaston – United Kingdom

Provided gamma spectroscopy training and gamma spectral analysis software

Sandia National Laboratories – Albuquerque, NM

Provided gamma spectroscopy training and gamma spectral analysis software