Eberline Services with over 60 years of proven experience working for both federal government and private sector clients nationally and internationally is pleased to announce the following developments.

May 2018

Eberline Services is pleased to announce the joining of Mr. Paul Fensterer as the Vice President & COO of the company. Mr. Fensterer brings his in depth knowledge of our industry and 30 years of professional experience to Eberline and its clients. Prior to joining Eberline Services, Mr. Fensterer was an executive with a nationally recognized US based engineering company. He has extensive experience in building and managing multi-disciplined operations to support a wide range of clients with environmental and infrastructure needs including DOE, US Navy, USAF/Space Command, BIA, USACE, tribal government bodies, local municipalities and State agencies. He has worked on large scale projects with US based and international mining conglomerates, semiconductor and manufacturing companies, utility and commercial nuclear power generation providers and oil and gas companies. Mr. Fensterer holds a Civil Engineering degree from the University of New Mexico. 

May 2018  

Eberline Services is in discussion with Thermo Fisher Scientific to provide instrumentation to our clients for dry waste sorting operations at a nuclear power plant in Canada (client confidential). Eberline working for Fluor will be responsible to supply, service and staff the operations of these units to process LLRW waste at the NPP. Parties are working jointly to develop a plan to implement the same application on other facilities in the US and international NPPs. We are excited to begin this relationship with Thermo Fisher Scientific and Fluor.  

March 2018

Eberline Services is pleased to announce a teaming partnership with AECOM/Gilbane team to pursue project opportunities with the Abandoned Uranium Mine (AUM) projects at the SW region. Eberline will provide all the radiological support services at the AUM sites during the remediation. Project value is estimated at $300-$400 million. 

July 2017
Eberline Services has expanded its services to Austin, Texas area. The operation is focused to provide environmental and radiological support services to the Oil & Gas industry. Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) is a common problem during oil and gas exploration. Eberline Services will provide personnel safety monitoring, site characterization including unmanned vehicle surveying and waste management support to the industry within the Texas and Dakota areas where oil companies are actively searching for new sources of energy. For more information and project specific needs, please contact Mr. Mark Jackson at