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Radiological And Environmental Services Company With 60 Years Of History


We Are The Leader in Radioactive Safety

Eberline Services headquartered in Albuquerque New Mexico is a radiological, environmental and geotechnical engineering services provider with 60 years of corporate experience. The company’s experience includes 50 years of providing health physics and radiological control support for characterization and environmental cleanup projects, dating back to 1967 when Eberline first supported the Atomic Energy Commission’s Supplemental Test Program. With over 150 years of combined management experience, we have the knowledge to offer the most technically sound solution and the best value approach to any environmental cleanup project.

Eberline has completed contracts in excess of $150 million in value and worked on large, multi-faceted /multi contractors environmental projects nationally and internationally. The company is a small business under NAICS code 562910 size standard. Eberline Services was the recipient of the DOE’s Small Business Award for 2011 under the departments’ Secretarial Small Business Award program. We have worked for DOE, USEPA, USACOE, state agencies and fortune 300 companies including the major oil and gas industry clients.


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Radiological and environmental services company with 60 years of history



Innovative and experience leaders that are dedicated to protecting the environment.

Technical Expertise

Technical expertise

We provide a wide range of technical expertise in radiation& environmental services

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